2022/10/25 – The Financialization of the Brazilian Territory: Theoretical and Empirical Aspects of its Recent Evolution

Financial capitalism has undergone profound changes since at least the 1970s, which made finance even more important for all dimensions of social life (in addition to its most obvious influence on economic processes). This lecture aims to present a geographical view of contemporary financial dynamics, through the presentation of research results on the “financialization of the Brazilian territory”. Among the main changes that took place in this financialization process, we highlight: the centralization of capital market transactions in only one stock exchange (B3, based in São Paulo); the transformation of banking topology, which is less dependent on branches (and face-to-face services) and more intensive in the use of information technologies / online services; 3. the diffusion of fintechs and digital banks in the Brazilian territory.

Speaker: Fabio Betioli Contel, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Fabio Betioli Contel has a Master’s Degree (1998) and PhD’s Degree (2006) in Human Geography from University of São Paulo (Brazil). He made a doctoral internship at Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena (Germany) during his PhD’s research (2005), where he also worked in 2007 as invited researcher (Gastwissenschaftler). Since 2008 he is assistant professor at the Department of Geography of the University of São Paulo and has as main themes of research urban and economic geography (with special interest in financial geography). He published the book Finance and territory: norms, techniques and banking topology in Brazil (Annablume, 2011, in Portuguese) and The Financialization of the Brazilian Territory: from global forces do local dynamisms (Springer, 2020).

Chair: Sabine Dörry, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, Luxembourg

Sabine Dörry is a Senior Research Fellow at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). Her work focuses on developing alternative ways of analysing the global financial system and development of financial centres. This includes questions about how shifts toward sustainable finance and technological immersion affect financial activities and urban development

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Timings for this webinar are: 16.00 BST

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