Call for Papers

We invite submissions to our newly founded FinGeo working paper series. FinGeo’s general aims echo in the WPS: open and interdisciplinary in nature, covering research on the spatiality of money and finance and its implications for the economy, society, and nature. In principle we are open to any high-quality contribution to any of the themes listed here.

We offer a quick turnaround from submission to online publication and also stress the difference from conventional journal articles. We seek to publish solid and innovative ideas, potentially written in a largely descriptive or longer manner than typical for a journal paper, which invite feedback from colleagues and may lead to a publication of a more advanced version in a journal at a later stage. WPs could also be framed explicitly as a discussion piece or an agenda-setting piece.

Review is light-touch, fast and efficient, but we do reserve the right to reject submitted papers. Authors are solely responsible for their working paper’s linguistic quality (grammar, orthography, expression, etc.). You can find a word document with the required layout and formatting here.

Please submit your working paper for consideration to the FinGeo WP editors: and

To view recent FinGeo Working Papers please read more here.

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