Our Mission

Finance is undoubtedly one of the most globalised and networked phenomena in the world, yet it continues to display enormous geographical diversity in its operation and outcomes. In order to understand finance in its complexity we need a global research network with a distinctly geographical approach. The Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo) is an open and interdisciplinary network of academics, practitioners and experts interested in research on the spatiality of money and finance and its implications for the economy, society, and nature.

The key objectives of the FinGeo Network are to: promote and stimulate diversity, innovation and excellence in this field of research; facilitate collaboration and sharing of research outputs on a global basis; influence private and public strategy and policy; and contribute to a broader public debate on the role of finance in the world. To realise these aims the core activities of the Network include the collation and dissemination of research outputs in diverse forms; information on research initiatives; funding and collaboration opportunities; datasets and other research and teaching materials. FinGeo activities also include organisation of events and promotion of research through online presence, social media and various forms of engagement with stakeholders beyond academia.

As such, FinGeo operates as a global umbrella network for existing and future research networks, groups and individuals, projects, events and other activities that sustain and promote research on financial geography and its benefits for the society. As an interdisciplinary network, FinGeo is open to researchers from a variety of backgrounds including financial and economic geography, finance and business studies, economics, sociology, anthropology, political science, urban and regional studies, planning, environmental studies, and development studies.

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