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Building Financial Resilience: Migrant Economies of Charitable Giving

– Al James, Kavita Datta, Jane Pollard and Quman Akli –

A decade on from the financial crisis, and despite some initial murmurings about the chance to develop a more human financial system, it seems we’re back to pretty much business as usual. The problem then, is that in the wake of that financial crisis, subsequent recession, and round after round of austerity measures, the worst impacts are being felt in already disadvantaged communities – and this often in places still struggling with the fallout from several recessions back! The dangerous irony is that low-income and minority neighbourhoods experiencing hardship have been increasingly expected to fend for themselves, as a result of the massive costs of bank bailouts, rising unemployment, neoliberal welfare cut-backs and drastic reductions in public spending by central and local governments. Because there’s no magic money tree, right?

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