2017/09/04 – 2017/09/06 – Brussels, Belgium – The 3rd FinGeo Global Seminar “Financial Geographies of Europe”

The 3rd FinGeo Global Seminar was organised as part of EUGEO’s 6th Congress on the Geography of Europe in Brussels on 4-6 September 2017. A series of thematic sessions were held on the topic “Financial geographies of Europe” chaired by Manuel Aalbers and David Bassens. These sessions were sponsored by the FINGEO RSA network and featured 13 contributions by participants from Belgium, Brazil, Ireland, France, and the Netherlands. Please find the initial announcement of the event and some photos below.

Financial Geographies of Europe

Finance was never just another sector of the economy, but there is reason to believe that the centrality of finance to the European economies, societies and households has increased in recent decades. Geographers have scrutinized this process, known as ‘financialization’, in particular since the global financial crisis that morphed into a sovereign debt crisis. Within Europe there was—and continues to be—a strong geography to the crisis at all scales.

We are interested in studies that present geographies of the financial and debt (post-)crisis, but also in geographies of the financial sector itself. We welcome papers that address: financial flows, centres and networks; the financialization of households, corporations, state agencies and the economy at large; and also in work that address how finance relates to and implicates geopolitics, sustainability, socio-spatial equality and justice, and uneven development. Finally, we encourage contributions on methods and techniques for financial geography.

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