2015/08/19 – Oxford, UK – Launch of Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo) at the 4th GCEG

At the Museum of Natural History, Oxford

Q&A at the end of paper session on ‘Financialisation of everyday life’.

A key development was the official launch of the Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo) with a special panel to highlight key research themes and directions for the new research network and a broader discussion with interested parties in the audience about how to achieve those goals. Plans were made on workshops and events other the next few years and different modes of engagement using mailing list, working paper series, blog and social media engagement.

Special panel to launch the Global Network on Financial Geography

From left: Martin Sokol, Simon Zhao, David Bassens, Janelle Knox-Hayes, Zoltan Gal, Sarah Hall, Dariusz Wojcik, Michael Grote, Manuel Aalbers, Karen Lai, Gary Dymski, Fabio Contel, Ewald Engelen, Fenghua Pan.

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