FinGeo Doctoral Dissertation Prize 2018 - Open for Applications

The Global Network on Financial Geography (FinGeo) seeks to award its Dissertation Prize to an outstanding dissertation in the field of financial geography.

While we seek to attract dissertations with a clear spatial component, we wish to encourage applications from a range of disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. anthropology, geography, history, sociology, political science, economics). We welcome contributions from students in institutions from across the world, focusing on financial processes taking place anywhere on the globe. Eligible candidates should have completed[1] their PhD in the period 1 January 2017 – 31 March 2018. The award consists of €500 in prize money and the invitation to hold an early-career keynote at a FINGEO-sponsored event.

FinGeo is an open and interdisciplinary network of academics, practitioners and other people interested in research on the spatiality of money and finance and its implications for the development of economy, society, and nature. EUFINGEO is a network sponsored by Vrije Universiteit Brussels which seeks to build a European community of financial geographers.

Application deadline is 1 May 2018. Please send a digital copy to including a recommendation letter by your supervisor(s). The successful candidate will be contacted by 1 July 2018.

Download information brochure here.

[1] The definition of completion may depend on the country and institution of the applicant, but in general, we consider it to mean the successful defence and approval of the final version of the thesis by the relevant authority. In other words, we cannot accept theses that are successfully defended, but still awaiting corrections or their approval. If potential applicants have any questions in this regard, they should contact


FinGeo Doctoral Dissertation Prize 2017

FinGeo is proud to announce that the First FinGeo Doctoral Dissertation Prize (2017) has been awarded to two excellent applicants:

Gareth Bryant (The University of Sydney) for his dissertation entitled “Carbon Markets and the Production of Climate Change: Appropriating, Commodifying and Capitalising Nature”


Cesare Di Feliciantonio (Sapienza University Rome & KU Leuven), for his dissertation entitled “Reversing Neoliberal Subjectification: The Re-emergence of Social Movements around Housing and Real Estate in the Metropolitan Areas of Rome and Barcelona”.

The FinGeo reading committee was excited to see that the both of the candidates scored equally excellent on the evaluation criteria and overall made a comparable and very valuable contribution to the emerging field of financial geography. Each of them has been awarded prize money of 250 euro sponsored by EUFINGEO (Vrije Universiteit Brussels) and the invitation to hold an Early Career Keynote at one of our forthcoming FinGeo-sponsored events.