CfP – 2021 RSA Regions in Recovery e-festival (special session) – FINancial GEOgraphies of regional and urban recovery

FinGeo will be hosting a special session (SS34 FINGEO) at the 2021 RSA regions in Recovery e-festival (2-18 June 2021) and invite scholars to submit papers.

Click here to submit an abstract, please choose the session (SS34 FINGEO) from the Gateway Theme during the submission process.

Abstract submission deadline now extended to 31st March 2021

Call for papers

With incalculable impacts on people’s lives, the COVID-19 pandemic is also an unprecedented event from a financial perspective. Lost incomes through lockdowns and recessions are the largest known in peaceful times. At the same time, however, some corporations and individuals have amassed fortunes unseen in modern history. A financial crisis has been averted thus far, with the role of central banks in the economy growing from an already very high level, and public debts reaching historical peaks, raising issues about financial stability. The financial impacts of the pandemic are strikingly uneven within countries and across them. Any recovery nations, regions and cities embark on in 2021 and beyond requires funding. Funding recovery, in turn, calls for innovations and changes in domestic and international financial institutions and systems. These sessions, sponsored by the Global Network on Financial Geography, will consist of papers that address any of the wide range of financial geographies of regional and urban recovery, including, but not limited to the following topics:

  • the build-up of public and private debt and its implications for growth, inequality, and instability
  • the geography of variegated recessions, with implications for trade, and national, regional and urban competitiveness
  • financing the vaccination programs around the world
  • challenges facing the funding of public health care, pensions and welfare programs
  • banking, insurance, and business services during and beyond the pandemic (digitisation, consolidation, and other processes)
  • real estate markets, services, and housing during and beyond the pandemic
  • the role of FinTech in regional and urban recovery
  • the role of central banking in regional and urban recovery
  • funding the post-pandemic infrastructures
  • challenges and opportunities for funding climate action and other environmental programs
  • finance as part of post-pandemic resilience
  • international financial collaboration in the pandemic and post-pandemic world
  • the changing geo-politics of finance in the post-pandemic world

RSA 2021 Regions in Recovery e-festival  (2-18 June 2021)

A FINGEO Special session.

Deadline: 31st March 2021

Submission instructions:

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